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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  August 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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a prayer vigil being held tonight for the victims of the serial street shooter. how organizers hope this will help bring the community together. and the latest on the murder of a convenience store clerk. an arrest made in the deadly armed robbery from two weeks ago. how police caught up with the suspect. plus more reaction on the sheriff arpaio ruling. what community activists are saying about the possibility of criminal charges against the sheriff. thank you for joining us for fox 10 news at 5:00. we begin with the latest on the serial street shooter. tonight as police search for the gunman, a large prayer vigil is
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>> the shooter has been linked to seven murders. the youngest victim, a 12-year-old girl. 12 other people were wounded in those shootings. tonight they're expecting a big turnout to honor the victims. marcy jones is live with a preview. >> reporter: even though it's an absolutely beautiful day out here at mary view park, it's a somber one on 55th avenue and osborne. we've seen a few parks and recreation vehicles for what they anticipate to be a very large prayer vigil. about 2,500 people could be here for the victims of the serial street shooter. tonight is all about the community coming together to heal and say that we haven't forgotten what's happened here. we want to honor those seven lives senselessly taken, and we want to keep the awareness alive, especially because whoever is responsible for these deaths is still out there. lots of community leaders are expected to attend tonight,
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nowakowski. we also have a lot of firefighters and police officers expected to come. this all kicks off at about 6:00 tonight. it's expected to go until 9:00 p.m. right now there's a $50,000 reward being offered, of course, if you have any information on any single one of these events. if you know anything, you're asked to call police or silent witness. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> thank you, marcy. a fox followup now to a fatal armed robbery that happened two weeks ago. >> police were able to identify the getting a full confession. 33-year-old joseph fatigoni confessed to robbing a 7-eleven. he held the clerks at gunpoint and moved them to the back room of the store. one of the employees, ahmanjeet singh toor tried to get the gun, but fatigoni shot and killed him. police originally had a hard time identifying the suspect, but they say the community made all the difference.
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information did come in, they were able to use it, and it was key. >> fatigoni confessed to the robbery and the shooting, according to police. he is being charged with murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery. and police have identified a man they say tried to grab an officer's gun before he was fatally shot. his name is jorge cisneros, and he was 22 years old. according to police, cisneros attacked the officer as he was investigating a car parked near 20th street and they say the suspect jumped out of the bushes and scuffled with the officer. a detective ran over to help, and both ended up shooting cisneros, who died at the scene. reaction continues pouring in about the ruling in the sheriff joe arpaio contempt of court case. yesterday a federal judge murray snow said the sheriff intentionally violated the court's order, intentionally failed to turn over evidence, and lied in court.
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criminal contempt charges in this case against the sheriff and three of his aides. today we spoke with mary rose wilcox. she's a former county supervisor. she is also an outspoken arpaio critic. >> it's extremely important. again, for years our community has suffered. when people put themselves above the law, they never get away with it. lady justice turns very slowly, but justice does move for people. he wasn't controlling them. heas misusing people, violating their constitutional rights, and he finally is being called on the carpet for it. >> meanwhile, arpaio's attorney says the embattled sheriff is disappointed with this ruling and vows that he is willing to go to trial and prove his innocence. the judge has also ordered the county board of supervisors to put aside $500,000 in a compensation fund for the claimants in this case. meanwhile, demonstrations were held today outside of a
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are upset with the owner of discount tire, bruce hallie, who is backing sheriff joe arpaio in this election. the puente human rights movement organized this demonstration. they say they'll take their business elsewhere after they've seen signs at some discount tire stores supporting sheriff joe arpaio. they say that's something they can't ignore. >> we're sending a message out to businesses, if they're going to support arp the media, that we're not okay with that. there's going to be consequences. >> fox 10 reached out to discount tire for comment, but there's no word yet on their reaction tonight. talk about a bold robber. police in mesa are hoping someone recognizes this guy. he climbs that small door that leads into the pharmacy, goes in, and grabs some pills while the other two employees are
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he then just walked back over that same small door like nothing ever happened. it's amazing. you'll notice he has a distinctive hat on as well as a bandanna on his head. that's something police say could help identify him. this happened near southern and dobson in mesa earlier this month. >> we're hoping that somebody in the store saw him walk in with a hat and a bandanna. he put them on. maybe that started to raise their from the back of the store and have information on how he got away. >> if you think you recognize that guy or have any information about the robbery, give police a call, or you can always call silent witness anonymously at 480-witness. dozens of prairie dogs are making way for a new shooting range in northern arizona. they plan on making a 10,000 square foot shooting range there
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highway 89. the couple has been working to have the prairie dogs moved with flagstaff nonprofit group habitat harmony. the group says they're up to 125 prairie dogs in the area, and they'll have to be moved to the petterified forest national par. back here in the valley, a burglar breaks into a phoenix woman's home and takes not only her personal belongings but a family pet. amber hammond says they took her pet macaw sunshine, who is a retired educational bird from a local zoo. she also says that bird has medical issues. amber says she used to work at the wildlife world zoo and that she is sunshine's trainer. police have a few leads, but amber says she just wants a part of her family back. >> yesterday someone broke in my house. they banged through the front door and stole my beloved blue and gold macaw. the robber, whoever had been definitely sustained some injuries, and they tried to
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the police got a couple of blood samples. the items that were stolen are nothing to me. i could care less about. i want my bird back. i can't have children. i am her trainer, just a huge ache inside. seeing her empty cage breaks me up. just heart breaking. no one should have to go through that. it's bad losing a pet is one thing, and having it stolen from you just takes it up another couple. she does have a scissorsed which means it doesn't close nice and easy. it actually closes a little bit to the right. i just want her home safe. i do love her so much. she's going to live another 60 years or so. she's not super young. she's about 12 years old. like i mentioned, she does need medical attention. she can't be left by herself without being supervised and making sure she has all of her proper diet. >> again, amber's stressing that she doesn't care about the material things. she just hopes someone will
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asked. lawmakers demanding some answers from the obama administration following a large payment to iran. we'll have the latest. and some storm activity up north today. some of that could be making its way down here to the valley. we'll have a look in the full forecast in just a couple of minutes. want to tell you what's going on behind the scenes. linda's looking at me, and i know what she's thinking. she's saying, jude, are you worried about the cardinals preseason. they're they didn't play well against the san diego chargers. should we be concerned? should we be worried? i'm going to try to answer some of those questions. i'm going to get into that when we return in sports in about 30
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the war rages in syria despite the stunning images of an injured child that broke hearts everywhere.
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an injured child that broke hearts around the world, the u.s. sent fighter jets to protect coalition forces on the ground in syria. this comes as syrian government war planes attack territory held by american allies in syria. the united nations is warning that thousands of children are currently in danger in parts of aleppo, syria. the u.n. says that many syrian families have now been cut off from access to safe water. >> at least 100,000 children living in the injured part of the city are facing danger from disease outbreaks. this is particularly for civilians living in the eastern part of the city where taps have gone dry and families have no safe water through the public network. >> u.s. officials warn the syrian regime that coalition troops will be defended if threatened. this comes as two syrian fighter
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in the area until being, quote, encouraged to leave. the pentagon says this comes after the syrian government attacked an area controlled by syrian kurdish fighters. republicans are demanding answers from the obama administration after it admitted a $400 million payment to iran was, quote, unquote, contingent on the release of four american prisoners. fox news correspondent kristen fisher has more from washington. >> reporter: the obama administrati down. they are refusing to call it ransom, and the argument they use is that this was money that was owed to the iranians no matter what, so why not use it as leverage to make sure the four americans got home? >> we took advantage of the timing to converge these all within a 24-hour period, and we used -- and i make no apologies for the fact that at the end game, in the very final hours, we used the leverage of having that money. >> reporter: but that argument does not sit well with republicans on capitol hill.
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ransom is ransom. here's congressman ed royce, the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. >> it was ransom. we now know it was ransom. on top of that, it put more american lives at risk, and we now know they transferred that $400 million into the hands of the iranian revolutionary guard corps, which is a terrorist organization. >> reporter: earlier this month, president obama flatly denied any connection between the payment and the prisoners. >> this wasn't some deal. we do not pay ransom. we didn't here, and we won't in the future. >> reporter: now house speaker paul ryan says, quote, the president owes the american people a full accounting of his actions and a dangerous precedent he has set. republican lawmakers are now planning to hold hearings about this leverage or ransom payment, whatever you want to call it, sometime after congress returns from summer recess. in washington, kristen fisher, fox news.
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louisiana is recovering from historic levels of flooding. the storm louisiana trying to recover from those historic levels of flooding that hit that area. the storm system dumped more than 20 inches of rain over four days, leaving rivers and creeks raging. officials say about 4,000 people remain in shelters, and more than 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. first responders are still
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>> we're trying to go door to door, if anyone's unaccounted for. this is a tight-knit community, but if anyone's missing or whatnot, we're going through and making sure everyone is accounted for and taken care of. >> you see that dog in the water, and you're like oh. then you realize, that came on fast and furious for these people. volunteers from around the country have been arriving to help. anheuser than 250,000 cans of drinking water, and the tide loads of hope fleet is providing free laundry service to affected residents. >> such a mess left behind to clean up. when they get that amount of water so quickly, there's nowhere for it to go. seeing those pictures is just devastating. it reminds me of when we get
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here, but we get a break usually. they haven't had a break. hopefully, they will be getting one. it looks like they will in the forecast. for us today, pretty light winds out of the west at 13 miles per hour. take a look at the tower cam. a little bit of haze in the air, but overall not too bad of a day in the valley. it's pretty quiet out west as far as activity goes. we don't have much going on out here. we do have some in our state to tell you about. it's making its way into a southwesterly direction from the northern part of our state. we are expecting a chance of pop-up showers in the northern part of the states. we did have heavy rain, hail, things like that in the northern part of our state. looks like it's passed on through and is making its way down through the valley area, southern part of our state. dewpoints are up right now. that's why we're seeing activity going on this afternoon and into the early evening. here's our temperature right now. 99 in goodyear. also in buckeye, 100 in surprise.
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97 in deer valley and fountain hills. also at 97 degrees. pretty much low 100s into the upper 90s is what we're seeing down here in the valley. prescott, 63 degrees. kingman at 91 degrees. 61 in flagstaff. 93 for you in page. 64 in show low right now. for our record temperatures, take a look at this. we are below normal today. 100 degrees. and our normal would be 104. the record set back in 1986 at 112 degrees. for tonight, an overnight low of 80 degrees. not too far o us this time of year. the rest of the country seeing pretty active weather, making its way on through texas here. a lot of problems up here in the upper midwest in the great lakes area. we're seeing very heavy showers. in fact, we had reports of a tornado that touched down in western michigan earlier, but we're told no injuries there, just a lot of damage left behind from that. it's all making its way on out. again, you can see pretty severe weather in that part of the country. for tomorrow, we're expecting a pretty nice day.
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85 for lake havasu. prescott, you're at 66 for sedona. and 53 for you up in window rock. page at 70. gila bend at 81 degrees for your overnight low. for tomorrow, kind of warming up again, but not too bad really. look at these temperatures. 98 in phoenix. 103 lake havasu. bullhead city across the colorado river, pretty warm temps. 83 for sedona. winslow 86 degrees. here's what we've got going on overnight. 79 degrees the overnight low in phoenix. partly cloudy skie a warming trend coming up. we'll tell you about that in the ten day. tomorrow not too bad. 96 degrees at 5:00 in the afternoon. hitting a high of 98 degrees. pretty mild temps for us this time of year. upper 90s for the beginning part of the week. chances of storms are going to stay in the forecast for the next week or so. keep that in mind. we could see monsoon activity the next few days. if you're going to be out and about, always a good idea to keep the umbrella handy this
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an outbreak of crypto sporidium spreading in the valley. there are now more than 100 cases in maricopa county. this parasite can cause symptoms like diarrhea, and it's typically spread in swimming pools and other recreational water facilities. 20 maricopa county facilities are at risk of being contaminated with crypto, as they call it, and those facilities are being no should avoid swimming and preparing food as long as those symptoms last. coming up next, a virtual luxury car showroom popping up in the middle of scottsdale fashion square. how you can check out exotic
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now how's that thing supposed to convince anyone to buy a car? it's just full of hot air and doesn't say much. like the labels you see on a lot of chicken packaging. the ones that say "raised without antibiotics." that's just a trick to get you to pay more money. fact is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. it's a marketing mr. floppy arms here. though i must say, he is somewhat hypnotic. don't fall for the hype, dale. dale?
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some big changes on the i-s-s that will make trips to the space statioea companies. two american big changes on the iss that will make trips to the space station easier for private companies. two astronauts performed a space walk outside the international space station yesterday. expedition 48 commander jeff williams and flight engineer kate rubens attaching a new gateway for commercial spacecraft. this gateway opens the door for commercial space companies, like
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the iss. the virtual reality company vroom set up an exhibit at the scottsdale fashion square mall. all you have to do is virtually take a car that you're interested in for a spin. now, if you like the car after that virtual test drive, they're going to deliver it right to your front door. >> you get that car dropped off at your front door. you're able to drive that car for seven days. if you like it, you keep it as a 90-day bumper to bumper full warranty something else. >> the virtual reality also includes specs on the car, like whether it has leather seats or how many miles per gallon the car gets. vroom says all of their cars are gently used with low mileage. they'll be set up in the scottsdale fashion square mall all weekend. in the health wamp tonight, there's a new smartphone app for those with multiple sclerosis to
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that app is called ms buddy, and the app pairs you with other people living with ms as well as their caregivers. doctors say the idea is to connect people with ms to other people with that disease. >> the app links you up based on your profile, including your age, gender, location, and type of ms. the idea is to connect with an ms buddy for support, information, and advice. >> the multiple sclerosis foundation says that more than 2 million people are ms worldwide and the app was created by a group called health line. you can get the free app at the google play store or the apple store. both major candidates hitting the road and campaigning hard this week. we'll tell you what donald trump's plan is for veterans. and the california blue cut wildfire nightmare seems to be looking up. how firefighters have gotten it
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both major party
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candidates are hitting the ground hard this week... campaigning in several battleground states. donald trump both major party candidates hitting the ground hard. >> donald trump speaking to a crowd of thunderous applause. he touched on usual topics -- jobs, factory, safety, and low crime, of course. making america great again. trump slammed president obama for what he called lying about the $400 million payment to iran that let four u.s. prisoners ee then he got into specifics about veteran care, which was important to, of course, this crowd in virginia. he said he would implement a veterans choice plan to pay for veterans care any time anywhere. >> at the center of the plan is veterans choice. the v.a. will remain a public system because it is really a


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